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Quantum Break is coming to Windows 10, PC version free with Xbox One preorder

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Quantum Break, the biggest exclusive announced at the Xbox One reveal in 2013, is no longer an Xbox One exclusive. Today developer Remedy Entertainment and publisher Microsoft Studios announced the third-person shooter and episode television show hybrid will be released on April 5th for both Xbox One and Windows 10.

Interested parties still will be strongly motivated to preorder the game for Xbox One. Preordering a digital copy of the console version unlocks a free copy for Windows 10, along with a Xbox One backwards-compatible download of Remedy's most recent shooter for Xbox 360, Alan Wake: American Nightmare. The original Alan Wake will also be included with all copies of Quantum Break for Xbox One.

Microsoft Studio's decision to release one of the console's most publicized exclusives on PC aligns with its leadership's vision to expand the gaming audience, and make the most of its gaming investment, by bringing together the Xbox and Windows brands. For more about the future of Xbox, read our feature: Save Point: How Microsoft Plans to Make Xbox Great Again.