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The 10 best Windows 3.1 games you can play for free in your browser now

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Internet Archive is retro video game Santa Claus now. I wake up some mornings to discover a bounty of new video games have been uploaded to the service, and can be played in my browser for free. Last year, the archive began hosting thousands of DOS games. Today, they dip a toe in the Windows water by hosting over a thousand programs for Windows 3.1

The only problem with Internet Archive's generosity is curation. They host so many games, that finding some of the best can be a tiny headache. Here are a few of our favorites to get you started. I'm opening the comments so you too can share any great finds.

1. Ski Free - Avoid the yeti!

2. SimEarth - Like SimCity, but bigger.

3. Missile Attack - Relive Cold War anxieties.

4. Mines - Like Minesweeper, but with a different name.

5. Brick Breaker II Turbo - This genre was a breakout hit in the '90s.

6. WinTrek - Return to a pre-J.J. Trek.

7. Taipei - A game that should be as well known as Solitaire and FreeCell.

8. Columns - Like Tetris, but unlicensed.

9. Wheel of Fortune - Come for the game, stay for the unsettling digital artwork.

10. Hanna-Barbera's Cartoon Carnival - I can't defend this choice.