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CBS boss suggests Apple's TV streaming service is still stalled

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All last year, Apple was said to be putting together a streaming service for the Apple TV, but report after report said it wasn't going very well. Now, the newest word suggests that Apple may even have taken a break. CBS CEO Les Moonves has chimed in pretty frequently on the state of his company's negotiations with Apple, and today he did so once again, telling CNN Money that while CBS "had conversations a while back, we haven't had recent conversations with [Apple]." Of course, that could be specific to CBS, but CBS is the United States' most watched network, meaning Moonves is someone Apple needs to be in touch with.

That doesn't mean Apple has stopped looking for content altogether. Recent reports have suggested that it's also looking to acquire exclusives, which could help to promote a streaming service if Apple were to ever launch one. But Apple clearly still has a ways to go before that happens. There is, perhaps, some good news for Apple coming down the road: if the FCC's chairman gets his way, any company will be able to take over your TV by making a replacement cable box. That'd let Apple do everything it wanted, without having to go out and get these deals.