New trailers: X-Men Apocalypse, Broad City, Jason Bourne, and more

All the shows and movies you should be looking out for


Most weeks seem to have at least one big trailer release — often there's even two or three. This week, however, was totally insane. Every blockbuster movie you can think of released a new trailer or teaser or commercial of some sort. And then every cool movie / TV series / etc. that you didn't even think of released a great trailer, too. There are way, way too many trailers this week. So get ready. Here are 15 trailers that you should take some time to check out.

X-Men Apocalypse

The newest X-Men Apocalypse trailer isn't so much a trailer as it is a 30-second reel of insanity, filled with widespread destruction, missile launches, and one very sweet glowing sword. The movie will be out on May 27th.

Broad City

If you've been impatiently awaiting the return of Broad City there is literally so much good news. A first look at the new season came out this week, and we're only days away from its start on February 17th — next Wednesday. Oh, and after this season's over, there's going to be at least two more. Clearly Comedy Central's a fan.

Jason Bourne

My favorite part of this trailer is when a shirtless Matt Damon punches a guy so hard in the face that you hear metal being smashed. This is our first look at Jason Bourne, with Damon taking back the role for the first time in almost a decade. Basically, it's all action for now as Universal tries to remind people why they liked this series in the first place. The new one's out on July 29th.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

The marketing team behind Batman v. Superman has a new approach this week: rock 'n' roll Batman. And it is amazing. The movie's out on March 25th.


Almost 40 years after the ABC miniseries, History is putting Roots back on the air with a new remake that looks to be every bit as powerful of the original. This is History's first trailer for Roots, and it starts things off by reintroducing the world to Kunta Kinte. The miniseries begins on May 30th.

House of Cards

Netflix has been teasing House of Cards' fourth season for a little while now, but this week it finally released a real trailer for it. And it's a pretty sick trailer: quick shots of Frank, Claire, money, DC, throngs, terror, all growing as eerie music builds overtop. The new season comes out on March 4th.

Powerpuff Girls

This isn't a trailer, but oh my god. Powerpuff Girls returns after a decade away this spring.

The Jungle Book

Disney's latest live action reincarnation of an animated classic is The Jungle Book, and this latest trailer is all about letting you know just how incredible its voice cast is. Among the actors: Scarlett Johansson, Lupita Nyong'o, Christopher Walken, Idris Elba, and Bill Murray. This trailer doesn't convince me that the new Jungle Book will carry the charm of Disney's original, but I'm sure it still has a lot more to show us. It comes out on April 15th.

Fuller House

Fuller House knows its audience, so this first trailer for it is all hugs, throwbacks, and the type of silly jokes that should quickly win over nostalgic fans. Pretty much everyone's back for the ride. The first season starts February 26th.

Captain America: Civil War

Can a 30-second commercial for a movie be way more compelling than a full-length trailer? Because that's basically what the Super Bowl spot for Captain America: Civil War pulled off. A lot of things are going wrong, and a lot of people are pissed at each other. It might be one of Marvel's most compelling tentpoles in a while. It's out May 6th.

10 Cloverfield Lane

Bad Robot continues to keep its 10 Cloverfield Lane teasers short and sweet, once again releasing the kind of preview that's perfectly crafted to make you want to know more. Is the monster back? There's clearly something there. The movie's out on March 11th.

The Purge: Election Year

The Purge series has beyond the most absurd horror premise out there, so it's easy to see one trailer for it and wonder how on Earth three of them have been made. The answer? They're super popular and make a ton of money! The first one cost $3 million to make and brought in $89 million worldwide; the second cost $9 million and made back $111 million. So yeah, of course there's gonna be another one. It's out on July 1st.

The Lobster

It's hard to imagine a more wonderfully bizarre romantic… comedy / satire / dystopian fantasy love drama? The Lobster has Colin Farrell playing a quiet and confused single dude at risk of turning into a literal animal — a lobster, like the title says — if he can't find someone to love. It's the perfect pressure to make someone snap out of their ennui! It'll be out on March 11th.

A Bigger Splash

All you need to know is that Tilda Swinton plays a total rock star and hangs out in a bunch of beautiful places with beautiful people. It's great. A Bigger Splash will be out on May 13th.


Kristen Stewart! Dreamy dystopia! Lots of colors! I'm in. I'm out. It doesn't really matter. It's a great something. There's no release date yet, but it should come out sometime this summer.