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This Death Cab and Kanye mashup is everything you need to get through Valentine's Day weekend

This Death Cab and Kanye mashup is everything you need to get through Valentine's Day weekend


Jesus walks into the dark

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Kanye West hype is in full swing right now thanks to his debut of The Life of Pablo and his Yeezy Season 3 fashion collection last night. While you're waiting for the full release of the album (or in between plays of Ye's surprise new GOOD Fridays track), you might want to spend some time listening to this Kanye West / Death Cab for Cutie mashup EP that sprung up on Soundcloud earlier this week.

Appropriately titled Death Cab for Yeezy, the EP is comprised of half a dozen tracks that pair mid-2000s Kanye (his most radio-friendly period) with DCFC songs from the same era. Yeezy's aggressive and egocentric rhymes collide with Death Cab's sad-sack minor chord progressions and Ben Gibbard's calming voice to produce something that's fun to listen to and a bit more upbeat than the average DCFC record. The end result is, perhaps unsurprisingly, better than anything Death Cab has released in the past half-decade.

In other words, it might be just the thing to listen to if you're spending Valentine's Day weekend alone. Catch the full playlist below.

Update, 11:40AM, February 12th: And that didn't take very long: it appears that all of the tracks have been removed from Soundcloud. We'll update this post if they return, but otherwise, you'll have to imagine what they sounded like.

Update 2, 2:51PM, February 12th: It looks like five of the six Death Cab for Yeezy tracks have made their way to a Bandcamp page, so you can listen to them all there. You might want to download them just in case they get pulled again. Thanks, Nick R!

Update 3, 3:10PM, February 12th: It appears that the Bandcamp page is now also down. Hope you downloaded them while you could!