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This Dragon Ball eating montage is the most satisfying video you'll see all day

This Dragon Ball eating montage is the most satisfying video you'll see all day

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My favorite part of every book is the inevitable passage where a group of people sit down for a meal and, for whatever reason, tear at bread, throw back wine, and slurp down inordinate amounts of food in the space of a couple sentences. It is gloriously indulgent, often in the middle of a Hemingway novel or else trying to be one, and somehow makes me connect with the text more than any other slice of humanity that it's trying to convey. Afterward, all I want is to live that moment.

Enjoy these beautiful, horrible sounds

This Dragon Ball compilation is basically the animated incarnation of my literary dreams. It is five minutes of overeating, clinking glasses, and satisfied gobbling. I have never wanted ramen more in my life.

The real highlight of this video is the disturbingly rough sound effects. Food should not sound like this. You should not hear crunching teeth when you bite into a piece of meat. There should not be a constant tapping of silverware even when there's no fork, plate, or bowl in your hands. And, generally speaking, eating should not sound like a human gasping for air while having their throat crushed, although that may be warranted here.

Yet I am almost entirely certain that without these sound effects, this montage would not appear anywhere near as satiating. I have never seen characters quite so content.

But I do have concerns:

Where did all of this food come from?

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Who will clean all of these?

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Will I ever experience this kind of joy?

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Hopefully, someday, we all will.