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Apple will replace some USB-C cables because of a 'design issue'

Apple will replace some USB-C cables because of a 'design issue'


USB-C cables sold between April and June are included in the replacement program

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USB-C cables have run into yet another stumbling block. Apple has announced a worldwide replacement program for the USB-C cable that it shipped between April and June 8th of last year. The cable was released alongside the 12-inch Retina Macbook and also sold separately at the Apple Store. According to Apple, it's possible for the cable to fail without warning due to a design flaw. "As a result, your MacBook may not charge or only charge intermittently when it’s connected to a power adapter with an affected cable," Apple says.

The company has already corrected its mistake and has been selling fixed USB-C cables for months, but early MacBook buyers may be stuck with a bum one. If you gave Apple your mailing address when registering your MacBook, you'll receive a new cable by the end of this month. Everyone else can either make a Genius Bar reservation, visit a local authorized Apple service provider, or contact Apple customer support. And if your original cable failed and you bought another one, you may be eligible for a refund. You can identify which USB-C cable you've got using the image below.

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