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Watch how the Porsche 911 has changed (and stayed the same) for 50 years

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The iconic Porsche 911 is a legitimate oddity for an auto industry that's always obsessed with the new, because in its half century of existence, it really hasn't changed all that much. Of course, once you get into the details, it has — the air-cooled engine is now water-cooled, there are turbochargers across the entire range, and technological advancements have been added left and right over the years — but it doesn't take a very vivid imagination to see how a 2017 Carrera is a direct descendant of the original model in 1963. That consistency is undoubtedly a huge part of the sports car's timeless appeal.

Donut Media has made a wonderful little video illustrating how the 911 has evolved, starting with a 1964 901 in Ivory White and ending with a 2016 991 GT3 RS. It's well worth the minute of your time to get a great sense of how the company has both preserved and fundamentally changed Ferdinand Porsche's rear-engined coupe at the same time.