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What are your favourite fitness apps?


2016 is the year I've told myself is the year I'm finally going to get fit (or at least fitter). 2015 was a terrible year for me in terms of weight gain. I'm 6ft tall and my weight has usually hovered around 180 - 188 lbs (which is still overweight) but over the past year I've put on a lot of weight and last I checked I weighed in at over 206 lbs. I can attribute this to just eating out a lot in the past year with only light walking as exercise.

Are there any apps out there that people have felt aided them in losing weight? Did the app help with your diet as well as your exercise routine? I've downloaded the app Argus and it seems cool but a lot of the better functionality seems to be locked behind the £22 per year (or £7 per month) fee and I'm just not sure if it's worth it. I use to love the Microsoft Health & Fitness app as it not only tracked your steps like many other apps, it provided lots of videos for different exercises from cardio to pilates and I think yoga.