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Sony's latest experiment is a $250 E Ink universal remote

Sony's latest experiment is a $250 E Ink universal remote

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Sony has started taking regular orders in Japan for the Huis Remote Controller, the latest product to make it to market through the company's First Flight crowdfunding platform. The Huis (pronounced "house") remote is a universal control with an e-paper touchscreen that lets you customize the array of buttons the way you want; Sony describes it as a remote that "fits" you.

The Huis remote can be used to control anything from TVs and Blu-ray players to lights and air conditioners. You can customize the interface either on the remote itself or by using a PC app for greater control, and you can share and download configurations online. Sony says it decided on an e-paper display rather than an LCD screen or smartphone app because the technology's lower power consumption and ability to display the virtual buttons all the time makes it more natural to use as a remote.

Customers can order the Huis Remote Controller online in Japan now for ¥27,950 (roughly $250) with deliveries set to arrive from next month. As with other First Flight products like the FES and Wena Wrist watches, there's no indication as to whether the Huis remote will ever officially leave its homeland.

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