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Listen to Animal Collective's new song, 'Golden Gal'

Listen to Animal Collective's new song, 'Golden Gal'


Painting With is out February 19th

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Animal Collective's newest album, Painting With, is set to drop this Friday, which means the band still has a little more time to have fun with the rollout. After streaming the album last November in the Baltimore-Washington International Airport, embedding a new track in a fingerpainting app, and releasing a strange animated video, Animal Collective has squeezed in the release of yet another single: "Golden Gal."

Hey Betty White

At the suggestion of the song's title, the track opens with a sample from a first season episode of Golden Girls. Then, Avey Tare's sour candy vocals drop in over synths that sound like walking on a cartoon cloud. It's yet another piece of evidence that suggests Painting With will satiate longtime fans of Animal Collective's bright-eyed, psych-pop leanings.

Painting With arrives on February 19th.