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Only you can force this baseball team to wear peach emoji

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The Verge Dot Com and definitely not SB Nation Dot Com
The Verge Dot Com and definitely not SB Nation Dot Com

The Kalamazoo Growlers are a collegiate summer league baseball team. They're running a novelty jersey promotion, in which the team will wear an alternate top featuring emoji selected by a fan vote. Now, some parties with ulterior motives would have you, dear reader, elect the eggplant emoji onto this sacred uniform. But do not be misguided. Peach emoji is where it's at.

Peach emoji is where it has always been. Peach is the superior emoji, outranking eggplant emoji in all possible ways. Surprisingly, neither peach emoji nor eggplant emoji are listed as options on the team's voting page, but don't worry: the ballot has five write-in slots.

Here's what you do. Go to the Kalamazoo Growler's site and suggest the peach. Do not suggest the eggplant. Do it for real America. Here's how your entry should look. We believe in you.

Don't allow this horror, below, to happen. We deserve better. We deserve peach.

Eggplant jersey