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Samsung helped create these new smart shoes

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Samsung's biggest announcements at Mobile World Congress next week are almost certainly going to be smartphones, but some other interesting projects coming out of Samsung will be there, too. Among those are a pair of smart shoes, developed by a startup called Salted Venture that spun out of Samsung's Creative Lab. The shoes are embedded with sensors that can detect your balance and posture and then use that information to offer tips on improving your fitness regimen or golf swing.

Iofit comes in styles for working out and golfing

The product is called Iofit, and at least two models are being made: one that looks like a running shoe and is meant primarily for strength workouts, and another that looks like an oxford and is meant for golfing. It's not clear if each shoe can only be used for its specific type of outing, but their distinct styles certainly encourage a single-purpose use.

iotfit smart shoes-news-samsung
Image credit: Samsung.

Both Iofit shoes rely on pressure sensors and accelerometers to make their measurements. They'll send information over to a connected Android app, which can display results in real time or make suggestions for you later. Generally, the information it provides has to do with whether your center of balance is too far to any one side, which might hurt your swing or your body if you're working out. The connected Iofit app is supposed to coach you, essentially, on how to stand better.

It sounds like Salted Venture intends to crowdfund Iofit sometime after unveiling its current prototype. Pricing will be $199 for the fitness shoes and $259 for the golf shoes, with both going for about a quarter off during crowdfunding.

iotfit smart shoe app-news-samsung
Image credit: Samsung.