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Grammys 2016: Watch Lin Manuel Miranda and the cast of Hamilton perform

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The cast recording of Hamilton won the Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album

It's been impossible to get through the last year without either seeing Lin Manuel Miranda's Broadway hit Hamilton or having deep, deep FOMO about it. Tonight's Grammy Awards added to the unending buzz. The awards show took a break from its Staples Center-set proceedings to head over to the Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York City for a number from the Grammy-nominated soundtrack for Hamilton.

Miranda and company performed "Alexander Hamilton," the opening number from the show, and the applause is deafening once Miranda takes the stage as the titular ten-dollar man. The soundtrack later went on to win for Best Musical Theater Album, and Miranda accepted the award in New York with a spirited acceptance speech — in verse!

You know what this means: if you were even thinking about getting tickets, the wait just got a little longer.