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Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, and Johnny Depp have a band called Hollywood Vampires

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Tonight, possible Satanist Alice Cooper, Aerosmith member Joe Perry, and possible actor Johnny Depp got together for a little fellas time at the Grammys, and revealed to the world their band called Hollywood Vampires. Naturally, I have some questions.

1. What is a Hollywood Vampire? Is it an actual vampire who lives in Hollywood or is this just a reference to Robert Pattinson?

2. Did you consider the name Mighty Monsters, or was that too '90s sports movie?

3. How do I dance like Alice Cooper? Is there a special studio for this kind of dancing?


4. Who is Joe Perry again?

5. Why you gotta mess with Ezra Koenig? He tries to be strong, but he just can't be everything for everyone.

6. When there's smoke, is there always fire?


7. How did this band form? A hair-styling club on MeetUp?

8. Were the hats on sale?

9. Do you need a fourth member?

10. If a guitar solo happens at the Grammys did it even really happen?