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LG's Stylus 2 promises a 'nano-coated' pen for smartphone doodling

LG's Stylus 2 promises a 'nano-coated' pen for smartphone doodling

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Mobile World Congress is less than a week away, but LG can't wait to show off its newest phones. Shortly after detailing its mid-range LG X cam and X screen smartphones yesterday, the Korean company has announced the LG Stylus 2, a "much anticipated sequel" to the G4 Stylus — or the G4 Stylo, as it was known in North America.

That variation on LG's G4 lost the vanilla version's top-notch camera, but bumped the screen size up from 5.5 inches to 5.7 inches, and included a stylus for note taking and doodles. The LG Stylus 2 keeps the same 5.7-inch display and camera — only a 13MP lens on the back and an 8MP on the front compared to the G4's 16MP back lens — but shrinks the size of the handset. The new model will weigh in at 145 grams, 20 grams less than the G4 Stylo, and is only 7.4 millimeters thick.


As the name suggests, LG's new phone will also come with a stylus, a thinner version of its predecessor's pen that's fitted with a "nano-coated" tip that the company says "not only gives a real pen-like feel," but also "allows for more accuracy when note taking and drawing compared to a rubber-tipped pen." Take the stylus out of its holder and the phone will automatically present a "Pen Pop" menu with shortcuts for memo writing or scanning apps. We'll see how the mid-range phone feels when LG shows it off at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week, ahead of a launch in the United States later this year.