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Better Call Saul season two hits Netflix in Europe and Amazon in the US

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AMC / YouTube

Licensing deals are a marvel, really. Although the second season of the Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul only premiered on AMC this week, the first episode has already hit Netflix in Europe — but not in the US, where Amazon has snapped it up. Engadget spotted the first episode of Saul's season 2 in the UK version of Netflix, and The Verge can confirm it's available in France and the Netherlands too.

not all netflix users are equal

This is one of those times that American Netflix subscribers might be tempted to use a VPN to catch content available outside of the US (rather than the other way around), or, of course, they could subscribe to Amazon as well. Netflix is currently engaging in a bit of a running battle with these services (which re-route a user's internet traffic to make it seem as if they're located in another country), as it seeks to expand to new markets and keep its content partners happy. But as the release of Saul's second season shows, this means that not all Netflix users are equal.

Update, February 16th, 8.30AM ET: Added information about availability on Amazon.