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Help Leonardo DiCaprio finally nab his Oscar in this free browser game

Help Leonardo DiCaprio finally nab his Oscar in this free browser game

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Leonardo DiCaprio — former dater of Rihanna, constant vaper of vapes, longtime lover of the Earth — is not a haver of an Academy Award. We all know this, and nearly all of us have an opinion about it.

Opinions range from "What the hell?!" to "Not even for The Departed?" to "Remember when he had an uncredited cameo as Darlene's classmate on Roseanne in 1991??" to "Does actually going to a frigid locale and actually freezing count as acting?" All valid opinions, with the latter being perhaps the most valid.


Regardless of your opinion of Leo's acting, you might feel that it's time he won an Oscar simply so you could stop hearing about it. And now that DiCaprio has racked up a Golden Globe, a SAG Award, and a BAFTA for his part in a very boring (but pretty) movie about being cold, it seems like this may be your / his year!

Free browser game Leo's Red Carpet Rampage is a great way to celebrate what will probably be the final year of a successful person being taunted by bloggers about his inability to secure a gold-plated piece of plastic. The arcade-style scrolling game asks you to leap over icebergs, paparazzi, and Lady Gaga on your way to the stage, spot the black nominee in a sea of white people, and out-sprint Michael Fassbender's Steve Jobs.

The Line Animation's Bjorn-Erik Aschim led the design of the game, which they describe as "basically a joke that went way too far." Basically!

Good luck! I hope you are as graceful in defeat as a certain former teen heartthrob.

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