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Samsung got weird with a llama

Samsung got weird with a llama

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If there's anything Samsung knows how to do better than its competitors, it’s making ads as weird as humanly possible. In "Seven Days of Unboxing," Samsung is building hype for the new Galaxy S7 smartphone... by having a llama named Kuzco "unbox" it in a secure location. The llama is then tasked with creating a painting using a brush the animal can only use with its mouth. Yep, sounds like Samsung alright.

The result is an abstract expressionist masterpiece, perfectly capturing our dysfunctional relationship with technology and its suffocating capitalist trappings. Or it's a series of brush strokes created by a confused llama. Art is wonderful.

It gets even more bizarre. For one, Kuzco is the name of the David Spade-voiced main character in the Disney animated comedy The Emperor's New Groove. The Peruvian royal rules a fictitious Incan empire before getting turned into a llama, whereupon he must reclaim his human form with help from John Goodman and the actor who voiced Porky Pig in Space Jam. Take that for what it's worth. Either way, It's not clear what Kuzco's take on the S7 is here, as you could interpret the art as a subtle commentary on Samsung's struggle to innovate in phone design or a greater critique of the stagnancy of the high-end handset.