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Saul Williams - MartyrLoserKing


Somewhere between the 452 billion Kanye and Drake articles, The Verge seems to have missed this wonderful record [no hate here, this is just a quick relief for all who suffer from Kanye overkill ;)].

As a white boy from Europe, I'm not exactly the main audience of rap music. I mostly listen to rockbands with white singers complaining about whatever their current ages equivalent of having to do homework is. One of my favorites in that are the Nine Inch Nails - which is how I stumbled upon Saul Williams. About a decade ago, he toured with them and during that tour he and Reznor recorded The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust! which they put up to download for free. For me, that meant figuring out how to 'air-rap', as my air-guitar skills suddenly became useless.

As I don't know how to write about music or art for shit, I'm just gonna post some videos. If you just want to quickly check out his music, start with the last video.


[terrible audio live version of Sunday Bloody Sunday]

After I somewhat came to terms with that new force in my life, I started checking out what else that dude was up to. So I suddenly was watching Slam - a Sundance Award winning Indie movie about stuff I know nothing about. An amazing movie.


Next thing I know, I learn what Poetry Slam is.


Until now, I refused to pick up poetry books, but he is the one who may make me reconsider.

Here is a 40 minute Interview with Sway.


And Burundi from his latest record.


So, I hope I'm not the only Saul Williams fan here. How do you like the new record?

/edit: Yeah, fuck me for trying to post inline video.