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LG’s unannounced G5 was up for sale on a Dubai website for $680

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Showing off a dual-camera setup and all-metal design


LG is set to reveal the new G5 in Barcelona this Sunday during the annual Mobile World Congress expo, but a pre-release model of the smartphone appears to have shown up on a Dubai website for selling used items. The device, which carries a G5 logo emblazoned on the backplate, was selling for 2,500 dirhams, equal to about $680, on a site called Dubizzle. The listing, spotted first by PhoneArena earlier today, is no longer available.

Photos of the device uploaded to Dubizzle corroborate rumors that the G5 will shed the G4's plastic body for an all-metal one and sport a dual-camera setup on the back. Other rumored features of the upcoming flagship include a unique accessory slot, perhaps for user-replaceable batteries, and an always-on display similar to the active notification system of Motorola's Moto X phones.

LG has said it will release two flagship phones in 2016, with the G5 being the first. To change up its strategy, however, the Korean phone maker has decided this year to go head-to-head with rival Samsung at MWC instead of waiting to update its G series until after the show, as it has in the past. Both companies have press conferences scheduled for February 21st, when Samsung will be showing off the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge — so expect a more heated Android showdown in Barcelona.