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Sega's amazing graffiti classic Jet Set Radio is free on Steam

Sega's amazing graffiti classic Jet Set Radio is free on Steam

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16 years ago Sega's Jet Set Radio was the most stunning game in the world, its solid colors and stark black lines rendering Tokyo as a vibrant cartoon playground in the midst of a totalitarian crackdown. You controlled a rollerblading gang member zipping through the streets, avoiding police and tagging walls in an attempt to bring color back to the city. With a fantastic pirate radio-style soundtrack to match the mind-bending visuals, Jet Set Radio is one of the most stylish games of all time.

I'm telling you this today because you can get the Dreamcast classic on PC for free right now, thanks to a convoluted Sega promotion that'll also get you Genesis beat-em-up Golden Axe and 2012 action-platformer Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit as part of the same bundle. The offer runs until February 20th, and includes sale pricing on some other Sega-published titles.

Jet Set Radio, originally released as Jet Grind Radio in the US, got an HD repackaging a few years ago for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita, iOS, and Android, though the mobile ports are no longer available. The game's fast-paced, slippery skating action holds up pretty well today, though the controls are unforgiving and it can be frustratingly difficult at times — the re-release could have used a touch of rebalancing. Still, it looks and sounds better than ever, and you can't argue with free.