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You can get a free Chromecast by paying for three months of Spotify Premium

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US and UK customers have until February 28th to decide


Have you been holding out on pledging your financial allegiance to a music streaming service? Spotify is hoping a free Chromecast dongle will push you in its direction. The company is offering US and UK customers free Chromecasts when you pay for three months of Spotify Premium. The subscription is being offered at a non-discounted rate, so it'll cost $30 upfront and $10 every month thereafter.

Even if you're totally uninterested in streaming music with Spotify, this represents a small discount on a Chromecast's standard $35 asking price. (If you're ready to pony up for music streaming, you can kill two birds with one stone.) You might have to move quickly if this appeals to you: Spotify's website notes that "supplies are limited," and the promotion will end on February 28th if it doesn't run out of Chromecasts first.