The Fringe


Grammy complaint gut reaction


Maybe the reason hip hop doesn't do well at the Grammys is because it's not nearly as important as some people think it is. I like most genres of music, but I dislike most hip hop. The themes are too predictable (Pimping a butterfly? Who'd have guessed!) Maybe if the themes did legitimately cover the issues, and spent less time rolling in sex, drugs, and thuggery, it would appeal to a broader audience. I'm not saying it should. It should be true to itself! But stop expecting the rest of the culture to come and sit at your feet and listen when we find so much of what is contained to be repugnant. It tends to keep us from discovering the more subtle, thoughtful, creative stuff that might be out there. But to wade through the crap to get to it is just not worth it.

I am a big Apple fan, like much of what they do. But I never listen to the live stream from Apple music, because the vast majority of the stuff is hip hop. That's what happens when you turn over the keys to rappers. All other music fades into the background. Ever look at what's pushed at TIDAL?