Turn your old PC into a "Chromebook"


This article was a follow up to the article regarding converting old PCs into "Chromebooks" in schools. I was wondering, has anyone tried converting a PC into a "Chromebook"? Experience? (I have a Chromebook and am using my second PC as a Windows 10 test machine, so I'm reluctant to jump)

How to turn your sluggish old Mac or PC into a faster Chromebook

Earlier today we published a story about Neverware, a New York City startup that is helping schools refurbish old Windows PCs and Macs that had been abandoned as unusable, converting them into "Chromebooks" students can actually work on. Neverware charges schools a licensing fee for every machine it enables this way, but it also offers the software for free to individual users. And starting today, you can set up most computers to dual boot into their original operating system or Chrome, meaning you don't have to get rid of anything on your machine to give it a spin as a Chrome-capable laptop.