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Orphan Black's fourth season premieres on April 14th

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And you can watch a new trailer too

Are you ready for more Orphan Black? BBC America has been teasing its clone-centric flagship drama's fourth season for a few months, and we finally have a firm release date: it's coming back to TV on April 14th. (It's also moving to Thursdays, a change from its previous Saturday air dates.) The network also released a new trailer for the show, one you can watch above. It's only a minute long, but that feels like an eternity compared to the length of previous clips, and it cobbles together a rhythm from ominous fragments of dialogue. (It's surprisingly catchy.) If you're interested in the show but can't name Tatiana Maslany's various characters to save your life, you're on the clock: it's back on the air in under two months.