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Amazon orders pilot of Jill Soloway-directed comedy series I Love Dick

Rachel Murray/Getty Images

Amazon has ordered a pilot of I Love Dick, a half-hour comedy series from director Jill Soloway, Deadline reports. This series is loosely based on Chris Kraus' 1997 book of the same name, which tracked Kraus' dissolving relationship with literary critic Sylvère Lotringer and their mutual obsession with the art critic Dick Hebdige.

Other than the fact that it will be told from shifting points of view, details on the TV series are scarce. The book was written largely as a stream-of-consciousness series of letters between Kraus, Lotringer, and Hebdige, which means the show will probably need to take some liberties with the format. It's also not a particularly funny book — it tackles subjects like obsession, projection, disillusionment, and loneliness — but Soloway's work on Amazon's Transparent has proven she can find humor in heavy subjects.