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The Simpsons torture sphere takes what you love and turns it against you

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A little over a year ago, we published an item called "The tortured sounds of 554 Simpsons couch gags played all at once." The title says it all, really. The minute-long splash of anti-humor, created by YouTube user Omni Verse, begins like one of Duchamp's musical sculptures, then decays into a sound I'd only previously heard produced by my junior high school orchestra while warming up.

Shortly after that video, Omni Verse published a 10-minute follow-up, stretching the gag long past the show's opening credits. It's this art that YouTube user John Hatfield has chosen to weaponize. Hatfield pasted the Omni Verse endurance test onto a 360-degree sphere, within which he invites guests to place themselves.

That original minute-long video tortured the show, but the encompassing Simpsons chamber above will torture you. Seriously, try to last a minute in an Oculus Rift watching this mayhem, then report back in the comments. Imagine what an aspiring Phillip Zimbardo or Marvin Monroe-type could do with this VR experience if given the chance!