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James Bond's Aston Martin DB10 sells at auction for $3.5 million

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If you had your heart set on buying the Aston Martin DB10 that James Bond drove in Spectre, I have some bad news for you: it's been sold.

Ten of the DB10 cars were made for the movie, and one of them just crossed the block at a special James Bond auction at Christie's. The final price was £2,424,500, or about $3.5 million. The car had been expected to fetch between £1-1.5 million.

Aston Martin DB10 James Bond

We drove the Aston Martin DB10 last year and, though the car has a working 4.7-liter V8 engine and should be able to get up to 190 mph, you can't actually drive it on public roads as it's not certified or homologated for public use. But it's still a Bond car!

Congratulations, anonymous buyer, whoever you are. Doctors Without Borders will put the money to good use.