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SpaceX’s Hyperloop test track will open a little later than expected

Construction delays have pushed the next phase of testing in SpaceX's Hyperloop competition from June to August — or perhaps later, according to an email sent out to Hyperloop competition teams and obtained by Tech Insider.

The email says the "best guess for Competition Weekend is early-to-mid August," but even that date can move around depending on construction and testing. Students will be given six weeks notice ahead of a final testing date to set travel, and more updates should come this spring.

The delay isn't all that significant, just a couple of months, and SpaceX had been avoiding a concrete testing date to account for these sorts of delays.

The team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology won the top prize at the first round of Hyperloop's pod design competition last month, but dozens of other teams won in various categories like propulsion, design, levitation, and braking.