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This might be the beginning of 4D GIFs

This might be the beginning of 4D GIFs

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Its creators call it the first "fully interactive 4D scan on the web," but to us it looks an awful lot like a 4D GIF. Not only can you drag it around in three dimensions, but it also loops over and over again as a tiny one-second video. And if you spin it around right, you even watch from inside the man's head. This is strange and terrifying — as if you'd woken up and the sky had been replaced by an enormous, mustachioed hipster* — and exactly the sort of thing we like to see in our future technologies.

Tim, captured in 4D with GoPro by Timeslice on Sketchfab

The embed is the work of a trio of companies: Sketchfab, TimeSlice Films, and GoPro. Sketchfab is responsible for the embed (a platform that lets users publish, share, and embed 360-degree files and footage), while London studio Timeslice captured the footage, using a custom rig of 53 GoPro cameras arranged hemispherically around the subject.

This sort of 4D footage is also known as "volumetric capture," and it's another medium that could take off as virtual reality becomes more mainstream. While 360-degree footage allows you look around you from a static position, volumetric capture turns the tables, and allows you walk around a static subject. At the moment, only computer generated environments really offer this sort of exploration.

*It's TimeSlice founder Tim Macmillan, and, let's be honest, being called a hipster past your mid 20s is a solid compliment.