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Apple gets three extra days to decide if it will hack the iPhone for the FBI

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Apple has a little more time to respond to the historic order to break security protections on a phone belonging to one of the alleged perpetrators of the San Bernardino attack. When the order was initially handed down Tuesday night, the company was given five days to respond as to whether the order was legally burdensome, but CNN is reporting that the company has been granted a three-day extension, putting the new deadline at Friday, February 26th. Bloomberg had previously reported that an extension order might be forthcoming.

While Apple CEO Tim Cook has publicly announced his intention to fight the order, the company has not yet filed any legal documents to that effect. As a result, it's unclear how Apple will mount its defense, and what aspects of the law will come into play. Still, there has been widespread speculation on potential arguments, including the argument that compelling a company to rewrite software counts as compelled speech.