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Tesla just quietly snagged the domain

Tesla just quietly snagged the domain

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Since 1992, the domain has been owned by an engineer and Nikola Tesla fan named Stu Grossman, to the chagrin of Tesla Motors, which was forced to settle for as the broader domain sat mostly unused. But no longer: the company has obtained, which is now redirecting visitors to

As Bloomberg reports, the company has been interested in the change for some time. After the launch of the company's Tesla Energy wing, CEO Elon Musk was asked if Tesla Motors might reflect its new business scope by changing its name to just Tesla. Musk said there were domain issues in the way, a problem now apparently solved.

It's not clear, exactly, what caused the sudden change after so many years, or what Tesla may have had to pay to finally make the switch — although we do know even brief lapses in domain occupancy can lead to big paydays.

Correction, 7:26PM ET: An earlier version of this article incorrectly referred to Nikola Tesla as Nikolai Tesla.