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What's the dopest old laptop to install Chrome OS on?

What's the dopest old laptop to install Chrome OS on?


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So earlier this week we profiled a company called NeverWare that's modified Chromium OS into an easy-to-install package called CloudReady that can dualboot on tons of old laptops. And because old laptop hardware is often faster and more powerful than modern Chromebooks, that means they're pretty viable computers; school systems around the country are using the platform to revitalize their aging PCs.

But forget that for a second: I am suddenly obsessed with the idea of finding some of the coolest old laptops out there and installing CloudReady on them to make them into functional machines again. I joked about this on the Vergecast last night but now it's all I can think about. I mean, look, I love my MacBook Pro, but it's getting a little boring, and most new Windows laptops look uncomfortably like the MacBook Air. I'm talking about reaching into the insane designs of laptops past and breaking the mold here.

Here are my top contenders so far :


sony vaio p

The obvious top contender, especially in this sick orange. Sam Byford is already working on this one.

Nokia Booklet 3G

booklet 3g

True fact: the first review Joanna Stern ever filed at Engadget was the Booklet 3G, and I was her editor. Somehow we have been friends ever since.


vaio ux

Just imagine walking into a meeting with this thing.

Black MacBook

black macbook

This was one of those computers everyone had. It's perfect in so many ways, except for the somewhat terrible LCD.

Original MacBook Air

OG macbook air

One of the most beautifully impractical laptops ever designed. Perfect.

Okay, that's my list so far. What's on yours? We're definitely going to buy a couple of these and try it out, we'll let you know. That VAIO P will be mine. Oh yes, it will.