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This cat video will overtake Times Square every night in February

From 11:57PM until midnight, this white cat will drink its milk

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For three glorious minutes this evening, 15 billboards in Times Square all displayed the same video of a cat sipping milk. And, this being New York, many people walked by oblivious to the coordinated clip, but quite a few people paused to take in the weirdness of it all. This isn't the first time that the video screens have (briefly) been blanketed with the same short video; there's been a different one each month as part of the Times Square Alliance's "Midnight Moment" series. Here's a running list of the other videos that've been shown. Nothing's been quite as internet as the cute white cat lapping milk, though. Here's the backstory on it:

Büsi is a brief video by Peter Fischli and David Weiss, originally commissioned in 2001 by Creative Time as part of The 59th Minute project on the NBC Astrovision screen in Times Square. Fifteen years later, this cat again observes the bustle of all that surrounds it with cool detachment, lounging in the heart of our metropolis. The film is a short excerpt from Fischli and Weiss’ 96-hour video installation Untitled (Venice Work) (1995).

If you're in New York City and happened to miss tonight's debut, worry not. The cat will return tomorrow and every night after that until February 29th. For three minutes. Consider it a brief moment of silliness and fun to distract you from the touristy, sanity-draining hellscape that Times Square can often be for those other 23 hours and 57 minutes. But enough negativity. You came here for photos of a cat video plastered across billboards in the heart of New York City, and I'm here to deliver.