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Connect your lawn to the Internet of Sprinklers

Connect your lawn to the Internet of Sprinklers


Rachio's new sprinkler controller integrates with Amazon's Alexa

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Here's how your smart home can expand slightly outside the home. The company Rachio is today introducing a new version of its smart sprinkler system, which lets homeowners with in-ground sprinklers control watering schedules through apps or the web. The sprinkler controller's apps show weather data and watering schedules, so people using it should be able to make adjustments based on what their lawn actually needs. The system can also be set to use weather data to automatically determine when a lawn needs watering.

This is Rachio's second version of its Smart Sprinkler Controller, following its introduction in 2012. This new version primarily focuses on external changes, with a new design for the controller that includes manual buttons, so you don't always have to go into the app. One of the more useful additions to this new model is support for Amazon's Alexa assistant, which is quickly gaining support for more and more smart home products. That comes in addition to support for Nest, IFTTT, Wink and several other connected home platforms. Rachio's new controller goes on sale today for $249.99.