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Drake did an awful Super Bowl commercial for T-Mobile

Just in case you weren't already tired of "Hotline Bling," Drake and T-Mobile just teamed up for a Super Bowl spot that, no matter what they or anyone else tells you, actually makes the song worse. Here, Drake, back in his trademark turtleneck and Timberlands, is interrupted mid-dad-dance by reps for an unnamed carrier, who each give him advice on how to advertise for their bad deals. And of course he's for it (he's all about working with tech companies), but it all kind of makes him look terrible.

Of course, T-Mobile's Un-Carrier schtick — specifically, features like Binge On — is already terrible and, at least in the view of Stanford researchers, "likely illegal" as it violates key net neutrality principles and constrains consumer choice. Drake can dance all he wants with any carrier he chooses, but that doesn't mean the deals will be good for consumers or his fans.