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Soundcloud introduces a new radio feature for iOS and Android

Soundcloud introduces a new radio feature for iOS and Android



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Soundcloud has launched a new feature on its mobile apps called Stations that allows users to create a radio station from any track on the service. If that sounds familiar, it should. Just about every major streaming service has their own variation of a radio feature, and Soundcloud is just the latest to join the party.

Soundcloud is the latest service to join the radio party

Users can click on the three-dot menu on any track and click "start track station" to create a Station. Previous stations can be found under collections in the app. Soundcloud has had a similar feature on the web version of the service for some time, with a series of related tracks instantly playing after your selected track was finished. The related tracks feature wasn't available on Android or iOS, so Stations may simply be a sprucing up of one of Soundcloud's best discovery tools.

Soundcloud says Stations will offer users an endless stream of new music, and that may actually be true. Unlike its counterparts with larger musical libraries, Soundcloud has a plethora of unsigned talent just waiting to be discovered, and related tracks — and now potentially Stations — have done a great job of promoting those artists. Just ask the guy whose song plays after Kanye's latest single — he seems happy with it. Stations is available in the latest Soundcloud update from the App Store and the Google Play Store.