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Donald Trump is now the face of

Donald Trump is now the face of

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Scott Olson/Getty Images

The URL currently redirects to the Wikipedia entry on Donald Trump, who lost in yesterday's Iowa Republican caucuses. The page is an ironic blow to Mr. Trump, who built an identity off calling people losers — along with selling tacky real estate and crummy food.

The label "loser" may be widely used as a pejorative, but Mr. Trump can take comfort in knowing many people before him proudly wore the label with pride. I have assembled a list off the top of my head.

Beck. In the song "Loser," the artist says he is a "loser, baby." Some believe he meant to confess he is actually a "loser baby." The jury is still out.

Jason Biggs. In the film Loser, Jason Biggs' character Paul Tannek is a loser because he listens to the band Everclear. Underrated actor Zak Orth also appears in this film, though not as a loser.

The Kansas City Royals. My beloved baseball team lost the 2014 World Series only to win the following year, providing much hope for Donald Trump who has nothing else going for him outside this election except fame and fortune.

Who are your favorite proud losers?