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Apple’s next big product event will be March 15th

Apple’s next big product event will be March 15th


The return of the 4-inch iPhone

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Apple has picked a date for its big product reveal next month, according to reports from both 9to5Mac and BuzzFeed News. The new iPhone 5SE — an updated version of the 4-inch iPhone 5S — and the iPad Air 3 are on the schedule for March 15th, the reports state. While we knew last month Apple was potentially eyeing a March date for the announcements, it wasn't until today both 9to5Mac and BuzzFeed News independently locked down the day.

The new iPad Air 3 is said to include iPad Pro-like features like better speakers and a Smart Connector to use with accessories like the Pro's keyboard. It would be the first update to Apple's 9.7-inch tablet line since the iPad Air 2 in October 2014. Apple is also expected to introduce new colored Apple Watch Sport bands and a few additions to its higher-end accessory line, including new bands from retailer Hermès and a black version of the Milanese Loop. 9to5Mac says a second-generation Apple Watch model may be slated for a September reveal.

The iPhone 5SE will cost $450 for a 16GB model, same as the iPhone 5S

The real star of the show will be the new iPhone, which may see the innards of the iPhone 5S replaced with those of an iPhone 6S — with a few tradeoffs. The iPhone 5SE may not have a 3D Touch display, which contradicts rumors the device will support Apple's Live Photos feature unless the company enables the feature with a long finger press instead of by using a pressure-sensitive display. The device will reportedly contain an A9 chip, a better front-facing and rear camera, and Apple Pay support. 9to5Mac says the phone will cost $450 for a 16GB model, same as the iPhone 5S.

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