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Latest leak shows Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge from every angle

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Samsung is all set to unveil its new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge tomorrow in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress, but if you're not a patient type, you can see the new phones in their entirety right now. We've already seen plenty of leaks, but things are really getting out of hand now thanks to a gallery of photos posted by Android Headlines.

The photos appear to show both the 5.1-inch Galaxy S7 and its larger, curved sibling, the 5.5-inch Galaxy S7 Edge. As we've seen before, the Korean tech giant is keeping with much the same design language as the last generation. That means the metal-and-glass design is back with those iPhone-esqe plastic embedded plastic antenna lines and that precision-drilled speaker grille.


(Android Headlines)

The shots — which show the phones from every angle — do reveal that Samsung is opting for micro USB instead of USB-C, and the SIM card tray is top-mounted. The headphone jack remains on the bottom. Android Headlines also claims that the phones feature an "always-on" display feature, which should show rich notifications on the screen when you leave the device sitting on your desk.

For everything we know so far about the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, check out our rumor roundup right here. And be sure to tune back in tomorrow for our live blog when Samsung's Unpacked event starts at 7PM CES (1PM ET).

ANDROID HEADLINES galaxy s7 leak

ANDROID HEADLINES galaxy s7 leak

(Android Headlines)

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