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Alcatel's first ever 2-in-1 tablet has two batteries, LTE, and Windows 10

Alcatel is getting into the 2-in-1 game, announcing its first ever tablet-and-keyboard combo, the Plus 10. It’s a mixed bag of a device, capable enough to run full fat Windows 10 and coming bundled with a keyboard that’s more useful than most (it's got its own internal battery and an LTE connection for working on the go). But the specs aren’t all that impressive, with the Plus 10 powered by a 1.92 GHz Intel processor and 2GB of RAM, and only 32GB of internal memory onboard (expandable via microSD up to 64GB).

The Plus 10 has three modes, working first as a normal tablet; then, with the 10.1-inch display stuck into the keyboard to work as a laptop (its screen ratio and diminutive size makes it look oddly similar to Sony's old VAIO P series); and finally, with the tablet portion placed back to front, the keyboard is turned into a stand for watching movies and TV. Unfortunately, there are no adjustable angles for the screen, and while the single position is okay for using the Plus 10 as a laptop, it leans a little too far back when in stand mode, meaning it’s only really useful when you’re positioned above the device.
At the right price, the Plus 10 could be a handy little device
This might not be too much of an issue, as the inclusion of Windows 10 means that the Plus 10 is most likely to be used as a cheap way of working on the go. With the combined batteries of the keyboard and tablet, Alcatel says the device can easily last 8 hours. And although the keyboard felt pretty cramped during our brief hands-on (the touchpad was also tiny, and not that responsive to boot), it’s at least better than no keyboard at all. This could be a handy little device if it comes at the right price, but unfortunately that’s yet to be announced. The Plus 10 will go on sale in June this year in Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.


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