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A small collection of Zuckerberg VR memes — and a way to make your own

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The Zuckerberg photo — you know the one — is so loaded with existential dread and techno-anxiety that my good friend and colleague Rich McCormick penned an entire item on why we can't look away from it. The businessmen in button-ups unknowingly being passed by a billionaire in a tight T-shirt; the wires connecting to the audience's temples, like mental feeding-tubes; the man in the center using a laptop he can't see. Truly, I can't decide what I love the most.

But the image needs more! The photo is a jumping-off point for our creativity. Former Verge lead director Billy Disney has posted a "de-Zuckerberged Zuckerberg VR photo" for your image editing pleasure.

He's already submitted his own contribution, and I've handled the two obvious follow-ups. Let's get cracking, because art is our weapon against a future culture of endless consumption in VR pleasure tubes.