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Planet Earth is getting a second season that was partially filmed by drones

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Planet Earth is returning to TV later this year, and this time, it'll be in 4K. The original 11-part series debuted in 2006 and was the first BBC nature documentary to be filmed in high definition. It helped propel HDTV's popularity, and this new season will take those stunning nature shots a step further as a showcase for 4K.

Drone and remote recording helped film the six new episodes, The Atlantic reports, and it was shot over the past three years. David Attenborough will be narrating again — sorry Snoop Dogg fans — although it’s possible Sigourney Weaver will narrate the US release, just as she did previously. The BBC confirmed the new season today, although it hasn’t specified where US audiences will be able to watch. The show first aired on Discovery in the US.