Thoughts on Dell as a company.


I know Dell is not a very influential company in the grand scheme of PCs, but I've been thinking a lot about the company after a revent purchase.

From 2013 and before, I never had a good Dell experience. (faulty Dell products) and people I knew had subpar experiences (as well as reviews online). Dell seemed like just another average PC company trying to make the cheapest entry level products that sacrificed quality, as well as high end products that missed the mark still.

But then, after a long legal battle with activist/investor Carl Icahn and debating a price with Silverlake to buyback Dell's shares, Michael Dell was able to make Dell a private company in October 2013 and become owner.

At CES 2015 (probably after a new R&D cycle) Dell announced a completely redesiged xps 13, which had the edge-to-edge display, great build quality, and gained a lot of praise from reviewers and I saw a lot of comments at how it was the best windows laptop, which I never have actually used first hand, but I do like the design a lot. Then around the same time the venue 8 7000 ewas announced. Despite the silly name, this tablet also had the edge-to-edge display with a nice front speaker, while also having good build quality and reviews.

In October/November 2015, the chromebook 13 was announced. The chrombrook 13 has great design and terrific build quality, which not many chromebooks have besides the Pixel. The only difference is the chromebook 13 starts at $429, and $529 if you want to ditch the celeron processor, which I reccomend. I recently bought the chromebook 13 and love it, with zero complaints thus far.

Around December 2015 a refreshed version of the xps 13 was announced, which fixed many of the previous generation's issues mentoned by consumers and reviewers both, showing Dell is listening. On top of that Dell also released a redesigned xps 15, which mimics the design of the xps 13 but bigger, which is not a complaint at all. Same great looks and quality, and of course - the reviewers loved it.

Is Dell's transition to a private company and being led by new leadership what the company needed? It seems Dell was able to turn its products around after becoming a private company. I think it is a very good thing because consumers who require non-OSX running products (windows, chromeOS) need a company that produces good quality devices.

TL;DR Dell has become a significantly better company from the start of 2015 and so on, seemingly because of the company going private again in 2013.