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Airmageddon is a drone combat show for kids that needs an adult version

Drone game show debuted this month in the UK

A new TV show in the UK is bringing drone warfare to children. The game show, Airmageddon, debuted this month on CBBC, the BBC kid's network. It pits children aged nine to 14 against one another in a series of drone-related challenges, including obstacle courses, aerial challenges, and direct combat. The show was developed by Steve Carsey, who created Robot Wars — the popular man-versus-machine BBC show that was recently rebooted for six more episodes.

The trailer for Airmageddon is full of lasers, fire, and pulsating music, and it incorporates a lot of the same imagery seen in other drone-related entertainment. But early reviews suggest that it's still very much geared toward younger audiences.

"On paper, Airmageddon is the best television program ever made," Stuart Heritage writes in a review for The Guardian. "In reality, it’s some kids flying a drone through a hula hoop over and over again. Sometimes they make the drone go under a rail, but that’s pretty much it."

If you're in the UK, you can watch the episodes online here.