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Microsoft's HoloLens Start menu detailed in leaked video

Microsoft's HoloLens Start menu detailed in leaked video

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Microsoft has been refining the Start menu in each version of Windows, so it makes sense that its new HoloLens operating system will include a tweaked interface. A leaked video for a new Actiongram HoloLens app has provided the best look at the new holographic Start menu so far. Referred to as the "shell," the main Start menu interface includes Live Tiles; access to Cortana; and the regular Wi-Fi, sound, and battery status.

Just like the regular Start menu, there’s access to an all apps area, which is just a giant list of apps installed on the HoloLens headset. All of the navigation is driven by hovering around with your finger and then using the special air tap command (literally tapping your index finger) to click and activate apps.

HoloLens Start Menu GIF

Alongside the detailed look at the Start menu, it also appears that Microsoft is planning to create a separate Bluetooth accessory to navigate the HoloLens interface. The Bluetooth Clicker only has one button, and is charged over Micro USB. Microsoft has not yet unveiled this Clicker accessory officially, but it’s clearly designed to help people who are struggling with the air tap commands. Twitter user WalkingCat uncovered details about Microsoft’s HoloLens accessory and the new Actiongram application.

HoloLens Bluetooth clicker