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Snapchat's birthday present to you is a new filter

Snapchat just launched Birthday Party, a new feature in today's iOS and Android update that lets users celebrate the day of their birth with decorative snaps. If you turn on the Birthday Party feature, Snapchat will give you access to a one-day-only filter on your birthday that you can add to individual snaps or to that day's story. Presumably this feature could be used to not-so-subtly remind friends when they have made the ultimate blunder of not acknowledging your big day.

A ten-second happy birthday to you

And if you're one of those forgetful friends, fear not. Snapchat will put a little cake emoji next to your friends' usernames on their birthdays and instruct you to "double tap to birthday snap" (for what is a celebration without rhymes?). Double-tapping will activate a filter that you can use in a snap to the birthday-haver (pictured below).


Snapchat's lens store may be dead, but the company is constantly adding new filters. Just yesterday it launched customizable, temporary geofilters. Those filters start at $5 each, but Snapchat expects them to be used during big events like weddings and graduations. Snapchat also frequently adds timely pop culture lenses, like DJ Khaled's Christmas filter, or a filter that coincided with the launch of Kendall and Kylie Jenner's mobile game.

The Birthday Party feature can be activated in Snapchat's Settings.

Update, 12:47PM ET: Updated to include that the price of the on-demand geofilters begins at $5.

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