The Ultimate Driving Machine


This is the Ultimate Driving Machine

Before I start....I like the forums. However car articles need the comments so just so we can passionately discuss cars.

Now, let's applaud Mr. Harper for a great write up. I've been following Elon Musk since Tesla's inception. So obviously I'm a fan. I obviously believe in the concept and promise of the electric motor, but let's get one thing clear....I love a great driving car. I love a good engine. M Cars are my weakness. I drool over them. For me it was the M3 that set me off. I just like the idea of fun, great driving car you can use on a daily basis. Mr. Harper, I couldn't agree more. THANK GOD this isn't a Super or Hypercar. I'm just as obsessed with cars like the P1....


...just an excuse to see her....

...and the level of extreme they represent. I find however that making a car balanced and fun to drive on a daily basis is just as, if not more, difficult. I honestly think that while I'd love to make something like the Tesla Model 3 to be my next car, I'm going to end up with a 135i first. I want a fun daily driver. I want something that'll make me want to take the off beaten path a bit. So funny in Chris's article about that sport car re-emerging in Europe someone suggested the U.S. had no great driving roads and Mr. Harpers love affair with the M2 started on a beautiful twisting road. It's hard. It's hard to make that car in my opinion. Too many think just 'adding more power' will make a great car. This is why the I'm glad the M2 shook out the way it did, and frankly I think Mr. Harper's right. I think the M2 is the best representation of BMW (the "lesser" 2 series models not withstanding). I'm so glad they didn't go the AMG route and just add more torques and it's ability to make more tire smoke. It's one of the reasons I'm always searching for a 135i to evetually baby like crazy. I could not be more excited.


....this is going to be so much fun....

I really can't wait. I mean yeah I probably get could a Kia Optima for the same price with less miles on it and it might be a couple years newer but, I really don't want that. Frankly I'm kind glad I don't live in the heart of a huge Metropolis like NY that is literally allergic to cars. Depending of where you look you can grab one of these bad boys for less than $20K. Rear wheel drive, Six Cylinder, 300 hp, 300 ft-lbs. That's perfect. PERFECT. Enough to constantly keep a smile on my face, but not so much that I'd end up inside a wall. Not that I would, I think I can handle a wheel pretty well but still. Cars like this are little miracles to me. I did feel like BMW was getting a little to caught up in the number of models it had (still do) and playing Audi's game of "Even numbers coupe, odd numbers sedans". Not to mention the "Four Door Coupes" (an oxymoron if I've ever heard one).


.......a 3 3/4 series...?

However the 1 & 2 series, and their M alternatives, are just pure BMW. Don't get me wrong I think the 3 and 4 are great cars (as well as their M varients) but I've heard that at this point the Camaro (a pony/muscle car) handles better than the 3. That's a no-no. Don't go there. Balance has always been your calling card though, to be fair, there's no right answer here. My brother cares about luxury. That's his thing. He likes tricks and amenities. His definition of impressed is different from mine. So for him, something like the new Genesis is just perfect. Me though, I like tech (shocking I know). I like tech and the balance of performance, efficiency and personality. I don't like a soulless car. I had the same ideological problem with the MP4-12C.


....she was fast i'll give her that....

She seems like a very fast and efficient track machine. However everyone that compared her to the 458 Italia seemed to say the same thing, "The 458 is just a bit more fun". The M2 kind of seems perfect representation of that idea, fun. Like I said most have different priorities. For some cars are just going to be "transportation". I get that, and that's 1000% cool. However for me (to steal a fictional pirate's quote), cars are more than just tires and an engine and a windshield that's what a car needs. However what a car is (what the right car is) is freedom. At least for me a small piece of it. There's a road not to far from where I live that a go down every so often and it parallels a river where in the summer you'll see Jet ski's and boats and people in the back of their houses and it's twisty and beautiful. The right car makes that road....heaven. It makes it feel like freedom. Slow clap for BMW for still making cars that set us free. Salut.


"Does it come in Crimson?"