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Amazon Dash will now reorder ink for some terribly-named Samsung printers

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One small step for automated shopping

Amazon today said that its Dash Replenishment Service will now work with select Samsung printers. Customers who have signed up for the Amazon service through Samsung's Mobile Print app or desktop printer management app can pre-select a toner type and it will automatically be reordered when the printer's ink runs low.

The Dash option will work with Samsung's SL-C430W, SL-C480FW, SL-M283DW, and SL-M2885FW models, which is a good thing, because even a person of above-average intelligence will have a hard time remembering those model numbers when they go to buy more ink in stores.

Amazon's Dash Replenishment Service, which is different from the $5 Dash Buttons consumers can stick around their homes, officially kicked off last month. These printers are not the first to utilize Amazon's DRS; at the time of launch, printer-maker Brother International was named as a partner, along with General Electric and Gmate. The idea is that people won't even have to actively reorder consumable goods, because their sensor-filled appliances will do it for them.